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My Experience, My Passion

I have been running for nearly 20 years, competitively through high school and then much less competitively as I entered my 30's. Running is my passion - the thing that brings peace, joy and community into my life. I can often be found on the trails or roads in my local community with my faithful running buddy, Fiona the runner dog, by my side.

In high school I was a competitive sprint and mid-distance runner. The 400m and 4x400m was my sweet spot but I enjoyed racing anything from 200m to 600m. Now in my middle aged years I enjoy races of all distances from the mile all the way to the marathon. Since returning to running in 2010 I have completed upwards of 80 races.

As an RRCA Level II Certified Coach, my goal is to foster a love of running in my athletes. To help them realize their true potential and meet or exceed their running and racing goals.

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